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26th September 2014

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Supernatural fans: Support Jensen's nephew and wear something awesome! →


It’s happening again! Y’all, I don’t post on here much (what you see is almost always my sisbro’s mad curation), but this particular fandom project is near and dear to me.

If you’ve ever wanted an abnosome, classy-ass Supernatural t-shirt, I can’t think of a better group & cause to support. I got one of these shirts last year, and I’ve loved to wear it ever since. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever once taken it off. 

This is an awesome group of fans who use their fandom for happiness and good. More than half of the price of the shirt goes to the Down Syndrome Guild of Dallas. They’ve got a ways to go to meet their 100 shirt goal, so if you’re currently naked or wearing a bra made out of dollar bills or otherwise inclined, please consider buying a shirt!

Click the link! Read about the shirts! Buy the shirts! Support cool people! Yeah!

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15th September 2014

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I don’t know what’s happening next on the radio; I never do.
— Cecil - Welcome to Night Vale Episode 54 - A Carnival Comes to Town (via acitizenofnightvale)

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15th September 2014

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  • wtnv fandom: is that hank green??

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15th September 2014

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Ah, the next WTNV episode doesn’t come out until the first of October. 

I guess someone should 

wake me up when September ends

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12th September 2014

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Need a little Endure4Kindness inspiration? We’ve enlisted a special trainer for this year’s event to help keep you motivated from now until #E4K weekend, October 18-19.

We hope you’ll watch his first video and then drop by our Training Blog to read more about his many accomplishments. 

And don’t forget to tag your posts and pics on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram with #theRandomAct and #E4K.

I am so pleased to come across this video. Sergei is an inspiration to us all.

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4th September 2014

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me 11:59 September 30th


me 12:00 October 1st


it’s not even october and 90% of tumblr is like the second gif

I’ve never seen tumblr on Halloween or Christmas… Is it bad?


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4th September 2014

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  • me: *owns 264 unread books*
  • me: *buys 17 new books*
  • me: *rereads harry potter*

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4th September 2014

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Can we just talk about the movie Shrek for a second here?

Here we see the three bears in a cage, the baby bear is crying that it’s too small.image 
Now, back at Shreks swamp we see the baby bear still crying to his father, yet he’s not in a cage, Where’s his mother?image

Later on, it shows Lord Farquaads castle and it shows the Mother bear skinned and turned into a rug.image


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4th September 2014

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All is Crowley and nothing hurts!

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31st August 2014

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isnt it odd how the human mind expands inwardly forever

i can build characters and worlds and universes and define new laws of nature

construct stories and timelines and fit it all together inside my own head

and yet i can’t draw a fUCKING LAMP

Thank you

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